Dublin Painters are the absolute very best paining service in Dublin, Ireland. Really at this stage, we have been in business for so long that we actually go much further afield than just Dublin county. We can go to any of the surrounding counties and if the job is large enough we really don’t have any problems with travelling out to anywhere in the country.

We don’t just paint either of course. We offer a monster array of different services that are all related to painting or decorating your home, commercial premises or industrial building or installation. We have so much experience at this stage that we have our own paint consultants and interior design crews.

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We don’t just paint, we take your ideas and turn them into a reality. We can work closely with project managers and architects too, to create magical homes.

Our house painting service is our main one. It’s the thing that we have been doing for the longest period of time. Its how we started and it’s still the bulk of the work that we do. We can take care of tiny little bathrooms to full inside and outside paint jobs on massive mansion houses. It really doesn’t matter to us, we can tackle them all. As they say, no job is too big or small for us. We aren’t too big for our boots to turn down a small job and we aren’t intimidated or phased by larger jobs either. We have the expertise, manpower, equipment and knowledge to take on anything. And of course to ensure that our clients are exceptionally happy with their results.

Best Dublin Painters are the best at Painting and Decorating

We love taking care of our clients. Whether they are residential or commercial clients we always go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure they are both satisfied and happy. We thrive on referrals and the vast majority of our business is based on recommendations. Almost always we get told that our work was so good they have recommended us to a friend, family member or work colleague. And that’s what we always aim for. We want to do such good wok that you cant help but tell your friends, or shout from the rooftops, or brag to your neighbours about the work you had done.

No matter who we are painting for or what we are painting or decorating, we always give it our all and we fell that it really shows in our work. This is why we are the best best Dublin painters. Our attention to details is second to none. It is truly unrivaled in the painting industry in Dublin. There is a reason that we have been constantly working and thriving for over 40 years. Even during the last 10 years which have been quite tough for lots of businesses in lots of different niches and industries, we have thrived. We don’t say that as a brag, but just to show you that people still demanded our services. They wanted the best and that’s who we are.

In the last 15 years we have also built up a huge commercial decorating unit. It’s almost as big as our residential team. It could really be split into its own company with its own managers, supervisors, tradesmen and customer support staff. We probably have more clients than any other company in Dublin. And we certainly manage to get the most lucrative contracts. Again this is not a brag, it’s just that we are very highly sought after for the superior craftsmanship we deliver day in and day out.

It doesn’t matter if you are just getting a new lick of paint in your office or restaurant or you need a monster new shopping centre painted, we can rise to the occasion. We have quite a few major projects under our belt at this stage and we know exactly what it takes to being these monsters in on time and under budget. The y require a lot of planning and great execution to pull off and to be honest there are very few companies that can do it and nobody does it as well as we do. If you are planning a big commercial project then you would be doing yourself a huge favour to call us for a free no obligation consultation. We have no problem running you over the areas that we can help you. We can take a big stress off your mind.

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Of course like I mentioned earlier its not just painting that we can take care of. Wallpapering is now becoming a huge field in and of itself. Wallpaper used to be seen as old fashioned and stodgy, and most of the calls we had were from people looking to get it removed and then painted over. Noway however there are so many different high end brands in a staggering array of different colours, sizes, shapes and designs. There is something to suit every taste. This new resurgence has kept our wallpapering team very busy indeed in the last few years and we anticipate it becoming even more popular. So if you need us to hang or remove some wallpaper for you then we are the guys for the job. We also have consultants that specialise just in choosing wallpapering for your home or office. They would be more than happy to chat with you and give you a rundown of the various options you have depending on what you are looking for. We are confident they can find something that you will absolutely love.

With the recession putting a serious cramp on people’s money situation, we found that lots of people were contacting us looking to get their kitchen cupboards spray painted. This is actually an excellent idea as it allows you to completely revamp the most often used room in your home and it costs a fraction of the price of a brand new kitchen. This job is usually quite quick. Also as we use special spray machines, the paint drys fast and the finish if done correctly is as perfect as it would be when it came from the factory originally. You literally will not be able to tell that the cupboard door was sprayed recently. Your friends and neighbours will swear it is a literally brand new kitchen from the kitchen store. Guaranteed.

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Inside your home or office isn’t he only place you might want to get painted however. There is also the outside to think about! Of course we offer an excellently priced exterior house painting package. During the summer we do a huge amount of outside house painting as you can imagine. But coming into the winter months it is other areas of the garden that people are most often looking to get painted. For example staining decks, patios and gazebos is common and painting or repainting different fences, gates, railing etc. It is so important to make sure that anything wooden is kept painted or stained every year or two, especially with the brutal winters that we get in Dublin. The frost, rain and generally damp weather can play havoc with any painted wooden surfaces. They can begin to rot so easily if water is allowed to soak in and be left there for any length of time at all.

In the last year due to popular demand we ave also added a new service that is related to outside in your garden and that is pressure washing of, well anything really. We can revitalise, paths, pavements, windows, roof tiles, blow moss and mildew off the outside of your home, gutters, soffits, fascia, tarmac driveways, walls, especially pebble dashing etc. This service is becoming very popular indeed and we will be expanding our operations soon. The secret to our success has been the large amount of money that we have invested into the machines we use. They are very expensive and not cheap to maintain either but they are incredible and our clients are continuously shocked by how good we leave their surfaces looking after we have completed our work.

We also want to say a little about our incredible painters and decorators. Our team are absolutely the best in Dublin, if not the entire country. Of course they¬† re experienced, well trained, reliable and trustworthy but more than that they are also incredibly passionate about their work. They wake up bright and early in the morning excited to come to work. In fact it doesn’t feel like work. Our staff have been with us for so long that they are like family. They couldn’t dream of working anywhere else and we couldn’t imagine them leaving either. The camaraderie and team atmosphere we have built is something that simply cannot be replicated in other companies. It takes a huge amount of work, energy and effort and is the real reason why we are so superior in every respect. Producing incredibly consistent work is easy once you’ve got such an effective team behind you!

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